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We are on a mission to redefine the future of anesthesiology and intensive care, making it safer, more efficient, and more connected than ever before. Backed by the credibility and expertise of a French medical society gathering experts in anesthesiology and intensive care. We are introducing a groundbreaking initiative at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Together with the French government, we envision to become the best worldwide actor with the Center of Excellence in France.

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About Moebius Analytics

« Founded in 2022, Moebius Analytics invented a product that is a unique blend of smart watch technology, AI, and a decade's worth of carefully tagged and qualified data. Our SaaS API applications provides real-time health monitoring, personalized medication planning, and dynamic risk assessment through an intelligent questionnaire. This questionnaire adjusts based on the input and current regulations, providing a personalized and up-to-date assessment of surgical risks and post-surgery recovery times. Our system drastically cuts down configuration time, facilitating seamless integration in various hospital systems.»
Dr. Vincent COLLANGE, CEO & co-founder Moebius Analytics


The Problem of the current healthcare landscape

We need new solutions.

In the current healthcare landscape, patients often struggle with stressful medication regimes and complex instructions prior to surgery. Errors or non-compliance can lead to surgery cancellations, causing distress for the patient, financial loss for the hospital, and delays for other patients. Hospitals also deal with scattered data and static risk assessment methods that do not cater to individual patient needs.

Furthermore, as the global population ages, new and complex pathologies are emerging, and existing pathologies are manifesting in younger patients. This combination of factors is leading to a healthcare crisis, where human resources alone are no longer sufficient to manage the increased patient load, and the surgery discipline takes more time, and becomes more and more complex, hence more risky, due to increased complex pathologies worldwide. France is lucky to have a Law enforcement making compulsory the patient questionnaires for risk assessment, but the rest of the world lacks scientific data.

We need new solutions that not only simplify pre-surgery processes and centralize patient data, but also address the growing patient demand and prioritize the most at-risk patients. This is where Moebius Analytics comes in.

Our Vision

Our comprehensive solution includes a smart watch certified for medical usage to monitor patients' health and provide timely reminders for medication intake and appointments.

We also offer an innovative intelligent questionnaire, powered by a decade's worth of highly qualified data and information. This questionnaire adjusts in real-time based on the input and current medical regulations, providing a dynamic and personalized approach to assessing patient health and surgical risks. It also helps predict post-surgery recovery time, aiding in efficient hospital bed management.

Our API centralizes data, ensuring compliance with HIPPA and French Medical Data regulations and preventing scattered information in hospitals. We ensure vendor freedom, making our solution available to anyone in France or around the world.

Dr. Romain-Guyot, co-founder Moebius Analytics

The Power of Moebius Analytics

Unlike other companies that analyze big data and try to extract an AI model—akin to finding a needle in a haystack—Moebius Analytics takes a revolutionary approach. We start with the science, analyzing scientific research and using our years of experience to identify the key factors that impact patient risk.

From this, we've created an AI model and determined exactly what input data is needed. We don't randomly collect massive data and try to make it speak; we know what we're looking for.

Why Choose Moebius Analytics?

This counterintuitive, yet highly scientific approach sets us apart and has allowed us to pioneer new ground in patient care. Initially, without access to Big Data, even numerous human scientists couldn't handle the volume of data needed for this kind of analysis. But with the advent of Cloud technology in healthcare, we can now manage and analyze vast amounts of data, increasing the precision of our risk assessments and allowing us to individualize each patient's care path. What we managed to achieve is to provide a set of repeatable and robust indicators for each unique patient case. Also, each KPI has gone through an extensive review by the medical audit authority, in a scientific manner with proof.

Thus, we can offer a truly unique and innovative solution.

Our team includes a pioneering associate in “Enhanced Recovery After Surgery” and expert in regenerative medicine. We also benefit from the support of a French medical society gathering experts in anesthesiology and intensive care. This, combined with our unique blend of healthcare and technology, sets us apart from our competitors. We are already integrated with well-established application “Diane Anesthesia”, edited by BowMedical, one of the largest Medical Software Vendor owning 70% of the European market.


WoodyHeader, mascott of Moebius Analytics

Our Future Plans

This isn't just a project, it's a revolution. We invite you to join us in this pioneering journey as we redefine the future of healthcare. We are already a leader in France and are currently planning to expand into the USA. While we have sufficient funding for our current operations, we are always open to discussions with strategic partners who share our vision and can contribute to our mission in meaningful ways.

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Karim AOUADI, General Managning Director, Chief Technical Officer, karim.aouadi@moebiusanalytics.com

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